The Network welcomes mental health consumers, supporters and other allies to become members of our organisation.

By becoming a member you will helping us achieve our objective of raising the standard of healthcare for mental health consumers and ensuring that services meet the needs of the community for when they need them.

You can read more about the Network, our goals and visions through the About section.

We have two membership types. As outlined in the Constitution of the Network (Part 2 – Membership, 5. Membership Qualifications), the following criteria need to be met for membership. If you are unsure if you meet the criteria for membership, please contact the Network to discuss.

Individual Membership is free and has two membership types:

  1. Primary: people with lived experience of mental illness, past or present, (consumers) who live or use services in the ACT; and
  2. Associate:
    • People who may have lived experience of mental illness but does not live and/or accesses services in the ACT;
    • Is a carer or support person of someone with mental illness; and
    • Supports the aims of the Network

Associate Organisation Membership is for organisations that supports and/or empathises with consumers or have an interest in mental health. We request a small contribution from associate organisation members.  Please see the membership form for current contribution rates.

For Individual and Organisational Associates, once we receive your application and any applicable contribution it will be presented to the Board for endorsement.

Only Primary Members are eligible to vote at Annual General Meetings. All other membership benefits, including the ability to stand for a position on the Board, apply to both Primary and Associate Members.

You can complete a membership application online by clicking one of the below options.


Fill in a membership application electronically in Word format and then return it by e-mail to


Print a copy, complete it then send it to us at:

Reply Paid 83404
Canberra ACT 2601

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