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The peak body for mental health consumers in the ACT

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Starting as a grassroots movement in 1997, our purpose has been to improve mental health services and programs in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) so that they work for all people when they need them. We are a vibrant organisation committed to the rights of people who have lived experience of mental illness (consumers), promoting a respectful and inclusive system that involves consumers, carers and other professionals.

We achieve change and make improvements in mental health services and programs through our core activity, the Consumer Representative Program. Our Consumer Representatives use their lived experience to advise, inform and partner with organisations and government to improve wellbeing and recovery outcomes for all people who use mental health services.

Through us, consumers can contribute to improving the mental health system for everyone.

We do not provide clinical or crisis mental health support services, for example counselling, suicide intervention and so on, and we do not provide individual advocacy support. When we receive enquiries of this nature, we can only provide general advice and details of relevant services.

Our Programs

We offer many ways for consumers to be involved in our work through our education and training programs, Consumer Representation and consultations with consumers on policy and program developments.

ACTMHCN - Community Education Program

Community Education

The Network offers FREE training opportunities for consumers to become active Consumer Representatives and gain the tools and skills they may need to empower themselves in their daily lives.

ACTMHCN - Consumer Representation Program

Consumer Representation

Become a Consumer Representative for the Network and use your experience and skills to make change and improve the mental health system.

ACTMHCN - Policy Program

Policy and Participation

Use your lived experience to contribute to the review and development of legislation, policy, programs and services that affect you and other consumers.

ACTMHCN - My Rights My Choice

My Rights, My Decisions

Understand your rights under the Mental Health Act 2015 (ACT) and put into place your decisions about your mental health treatment, care and support should you require hospitalisation in the future.

How else can I be involved?

We welcome all mental health consumers in the ACT and surrounding areas to be a part of the Network in ways that suit their skills and interests. You can become involved by becoming a member, or making a contribution to our quarterly newsletter.

You can also be involved with our work by sharing your experience about an issue you have faced at a service you have used for your mental health needs, that has had a negative or positive effect on your treatment and recovery. While we cannot help on individual matters, knowing about consumer experiences helps us identify where problems are present or emerging at service delivery level.

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