My Rights My Decisions Workshops

My Rights, My Decisions (MRMD) workshops help you to think about the things that are important to you if you become unwell in the future.  You will learn how to complete your Form Kit, including when you can complete it, what you can write in it, how to lodge it for future use and more.

By the end of the workshop, you will:

  • Have a basic understanding of your rights, decision-making capacity and supported decision making under the Mental Health Act 2015 (ACT);
  • Know the difference between a carer, a Nominated Person and other types of support people and know how to appoint a Nominated Person;
  • Understand what an Advance Consent Direction and Advance Agreement can be used for and how to complete them; and
  • Know how to finish and lodge your Form Kit.

For more information about My Rights, My Decisions workshops or Form Kit, please fill out the form below. Alternatively, please email or call 02 6230 5796 or 02 6145 0072.


My Rights, My Decisions - ACTMHCN

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